An Ounce of Prevention….Plus A Plan

When people hear the words Root Canal, Crown, Porcelain Veneers, Braces, Implants or any other term used in dentistry, they panic. Dollar signs go off in their heads and they feel dizzy and weak at the knees. How could they ever afford any, much less several, of these procedures?

Preventive dentistry, such as twice-yearly cleanings and x-rays can go a long way toward reducing the cost of major procedures over the years. In combination with brushing and flossing, preventive dentistry gives patients the advantage of catching potentially costly oral issues early; before they become emergencies.

When you visit your dentist regularly for the reasonable cost of a cleaning, you can get information about potential procedures that may be required and begin to work with your dental office to formulate effective short and long-term plans. These plans can include specific but flexible timelines and financing options.

Sometimes dental insurance will cover part of the cost of some procedures, but rarely will it cover any cosmetic dentistry. In addition, fewer and fewer companies are offering dental insurance to their employees. In these times of economic crisis, it is worth going directly to the provider and asking what the options are and how you can maintain your oral health without breaking the bank. However, if you do have dental insurance, become familiar with your policy, call the carrier if necessary, to fully understand what percentage of dental work is covered. You might be pleasantly surprised.

If you have neither dental insurance nor a flexible spending account through your employer, other financing options exist. If you are a regular visitor to your dentist, you will have the time to work on finding the funds necessary to cover any procedures instead of feeling that your only choice is charging important dental work to a high interest credit card.

Investigate health-focused financing companies such as or These companies offer a variety of payment plans that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Your dentist can guide you in understanding what you need to do to keep your teeth and gums at optimum health and help you find ways to achieve these goals. Make an appointment to visit your dental professional today and keep smiling far into the future.