Laser Teeth Whitening in Weston, Florida

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In an effort to maintain healthy and attractive teeth, the earliest possible detection of dental cavities is essential. Sometimes cavities are hidden below an intact tooth surface and are often not detected by x-rays. With the DIAGNOdent, alaser used in the diagnosis and detection of dental cavities, even the smallest of cavities are detected, enabling you to protect and preserve tooth structure.

The Waterlase MD

The Waterlase MD is a revolutionary dental device that uses a combination of laser energy and water to perform many traditional dental procedures usually without the need for anesthetic injections. By enabling a less invasive and precise form of treatment that preserves tooth structure, and eliminating the use of injections and the whining of the dentaldrill, the Waterlase MD transforms the dental experience for both adults and children!

The EZlase

The EZlase is a diode laser that enables us to perform many periodontal procedures previously only treatable by traditional periodontal surgery. The EZlase can achieve similar results to traditional periodontal surgery while being much less invasive. It causes minimal if any discomfort and a much faster healing time, without the need for stitches. This diode laser is also excellent for plastic surgical correction of gum scarring caused by previous periodontal surgical procedures, and also for the significant reduction in healing time associated with cold sores and apthus ulcers of the lips and mouth.


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