A Beautiful Smile For Symmetry and Attractiveness

We have often heard that a symmetrical face is considered more attractive than an asymmetrical face, and facial attractiveness for many people is a   primary goal.  According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, even babies will stare at an attractive face longer than an unattractive face. Whatever the evolutionary reasons for symmetry equaling attractiveness and regardless of how much of a role is played by luck, this fact remains.  We may not have control of our genes, but there are things about our appearance that we can control.  One of the main ones is the state of our teeth and gums.

With good oral hygiene we can ensure that our delicate gums remain healthy and support our teeth throughout adulthood and into our golden years.  Regular check-ups and cleanings combined with daily brushing and flossing give us the best chance possible to make it to retirement with our own pearly whites.  However, sometimes life throws us a curveball and we are forced to deal with dental issues we didn’t anticipate.

If for whatever reason you find yourself facing the loss of a tooth or even several teeth, it’s important to know there are options to retain the symmetry of your face despite the loss.  And if jaw misalignment is present from childhood, braces and veneers can help as well.  Modern dentistry has more answers now than ever before, and The Weston Dental Design Group is always on the cutting edge.

When we lose teeth, the muscles of our mouth and jaw begin to sink in and shift in alignment.  Over time, this shift can affect our symmetry, our smile and our confidence.  Dental implants are a great solution to tooth loss.   By combining implants as needed with whitening solutions and regular cleanings, we can restore any mouth to its previous glory and keep patients smiling.

When it comes to facial aesthetics, no one has all the luck or all the answers, but we can keep our mouths healthy and beautiful if we do our part.   When you visit our offices and listen to our well thought-out professional advice, no matter what dental dilemma you face, we can provide you with a viable and